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Vedana is made to be easy to work with, thanks to all new features in concrete5.7 that take care of tons of design management. In this case tons of answers can be found in the official documentationfrom Concrete5.org

In this section i explain things that is specific to Anitya, his structure, classes, attributes,.. but nothing about installation, customization, .. where concrete5.org are deeply, substantially, more effective than me.

In any way, I'm listening to all your questions, problems or bugs you encounter when using this theme. To do this, simply create a support ticket via the theme page on concrete5.

Thank you.


Ho to change the color scheme of a page or entire site

Change the color scheme by clicking on the second button upper left (sprocket) for page design etc. When the menu slides in, choose "Design", the menu will change and get "Page Template" and "Theme". When Vedana is active you see a small thumb of it under Theme with a button overlay "Customize". Choosing Customize will bring you to a new menu where you the first item is "Preset". Click beneath it on "Expand" and there you will see all the color presets.

How to add a full image on the header

As in the "Photographer" Layout example, you could add a full with and height image on the header.

You just need to fill the attribute "Vedana Header Image" on your page. This simple action enable the full header image.