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How to install main navigation and mobile navigation

Main navigation

First things to do on your website is the main navigation. It's very easy :

Turn you page into edit mode and drop a Auto-nav block into the Sitewide Header Navigation. Vedana support a sub-level of page but not more. 

After this click on the new block added and choose Design and Custom Template.

And Choose Vedana Header as Custom template.

Save and all is fine for the main navigation

Mobile Navigation

I made the mobile navigation separately for Vedana because sometimes we need to have different settings on mobile. This mobile nav — as the main nav — support two level of hierarchy.

First things is to click on the + on the edit bar and drop a Auto-nav block into the SiteWide Responsive Navigation Area

After this you need to add a custom template (see on main navigation above) named Vedana Responsive Full Screen. Don't worry about how this template is displaying on edit mode, it will be nicer on normal mode.

That's it !